Where Do Creatives Find Ideas?

Where do creatives find ideas? I often hear that creative ideas come from moments of divine inspiration. Sometimes yes, an idea can pop into the mind, but more importantly, visual creatives are visual collectors.

We are constantly recording and analysing our surroundings and looking at them with the creative eye. Learning how to notice everything is the key to making creative content, because then creative ideas can come from anywhere, and they are constantly being generated.

Anything can be a source of inspiration. A haze of light, a strip of peeling paint, a flash of expression. Observing and appreciating the intricacies, textures, colours, and symmetries of everyday things keeps the mind engaged and receptive to ideas.

There are moments where creative blocks get in the way. This is when you look back through the things you have collected in the past. Journals, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, Pinterest boards, books and magazines are all fantastic sources. Be selective, but gather from a wide range. This will help you to make quality work but won’t limit your ideas to a particular style or medium.

Would you like to always be developing your creativity? Take a look at my post for some ideas.


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