New Year 2018: Trial, Error and Experimentation

Experiment with Gouache

Some fun trying out new paints! This is my first experiment with gouache, it's a little different to watercolour but so far I really like it, particularly the thickness of the paint and the way it can be layered. I'm looking forward to using these for bolder pieces.

Posted by The Art of Hannah Rose Shaw on Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hello, and happy New Year! As we go into January, there’s a lot of ‘new year, new me’ posts on social media. Of course, self improvement isn’t bad, but I like to remember that imperfection, mistakes and uncertainty are not always wrong.

I posted this video of a few clips from the painting process of a new piece I’ve been working on. It is far from being my favourite piece I have ever painted, but I want to show the experiments, the trail and error pieces, as well as the ‘good’ stuff.

I received a set of gouache paints for Christmas, and using them is really new to me. They’re a lot thicker and more opaque than watercolour, so using them a very different way of working, but they can be layered beautifully to make much richer, bolder pieces.

The concept for this piece came out of a bad week, where among other things I was seeing negativity and unkindess. This painting is about the importance of positive relationships, of allowing others to grow, and to grow through you.

It isn’t finished and I may not finish it for a while – I want to get some large sheets of watercolour so I can re-create it in detail, as at the moment it’s quite tiny. But it was an experiment and a learning process, a way of working that I will perfect over time as I become better with gouache and remember not to try and fit detailed paintings onto A4 sheets of paper.

The point is, imperfection is not a downfall but a sign of growth and a learning process. If we don’t make mistakes then we aren’t trying new things, and that is a failure indeed.


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