Rewilding: The Process


I’ve had a break from blogging for the past month. With one exhibition going on display, and another in the works, things have been pretty busy. I also escaped for a week away with my family, where I spent a lot of time reading and working on drawing studies.

Before I go ahead and explain the thoughts behind my newest painting, go ahead and take a look below at my Youtube video showing the full painting process.

I started this painting because I wanted to make something without already knowing how I wanted it to look. The plan was to put pencil to paper and see what happened. Like most creatives I am a perfectionist, but sometimes perfectionism can limit your work. In this piece I left in the rough pencil lines that I would normally erase. I like using flowing line work to create a sense of movement, and I like how alive they make the portrait look.

Rewilding, Hannah Rose Shaw, 2017, ink and watercolour on A4 watercolour paper.

I’ve recently been inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s Women Who Run with the Wolves. Estés talks, among many other things, about how a creative inner world needs to be fed. My work often comes back to the theme of inner lives, an introspective nature appearing in my colours and bringing together of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the external and the internal. I’m planning on this idea becoming a series of work, and I’ll talk more about it in posts to come.

For now, let me know what you think of the video, and I invite you to a challenge! It’s this: get out a pen or a brush and set of paints, and start making. It doesn’t matter how you do it, what it is or what the outcome is, just enjoy the doing and use it as a chance to work without worrying about perfection.


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