My Top Seven Daily Drawing Tips

If you think you’re bad at drawing, or that you’re uncreative, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Drawing is a skill that can be improved, and if you practice once a day for one month, I promise that you will see a difference. I’ve put together a few ideas that help me in my drawing practice. Why not challenge yourself to 30 days of drawing?


Begin with a cheap sketchbook where you can scribble ideas. This way you don’t need to worry about messing up expensive paper, just sketch whatever ideas pop into your mind without thinking too hard about the outcome.


Make yourself a desk or workspace where you can draw. Make sure it’s somewhere you won’t be disturbed. For more tips on creating a workspace with little space, check out my last blog post.


Create an inspiration board where you can keep colour palettes, beautiful photographs, pages from magazines, book quotes and anything else that gets your creativity buzzing. It can be a pin board, a scrapbook, or a digital board like Pinterest.


Choose the amount of time that you want to spend practicing everyday. The more the better, but starting at 10 minutes a day is just fine.


It’s OK to release your inner child and have fun. It isn’t about being perfect or comparing yourself to others, it’s about the process.


Hold yourself accountable for your improvement. Once you have finished drawing for the day, tick it off on a diary or calendar. Take an extra step by sharing your daily drawings on Instagram or Facebook.


Try drawing with someone and sharing your work. It will make the process more fun and sociable, and if you have an artistic friend, why not ask them for some tips?



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